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Psychic Christine Wallace take on Chris Rock and Will Smith And The Oscars

I have run into Chris Rock several times over the years, a few times at the Ivy in Los Angeles And a few times more in NJ because he lives near some family I have there and to be honest I did not get a friendly vibe from him whatsoever, he is very different to how he shows himself on stage to the point he would be annoyed by a friendly hello. I am a fan of his by the way and find myself laughing a whole lot whenever I see him perform , I have to admit I love his comedy shows.

Will Smith is a man who has a big heart and a friendly disposition on all levels, he is the man you see on and off the screen and I am also a big fan of Will Smith as well. these two are men from different sides of the spectrum and both have made amazing careers for themselves 1 for being nice and the other for being mean realist type. This event was the Oscars not a comedy club, when we go to a comedy club we brace ourselves because we expect to possibly be the butt of a comedians jokes, and while that happened a bit thought the show with the other comedians there it was done in good taste and fun but the hit below the belt type jokes belong in a dark smoke filled underground comic club not at a high end event where no expense was spared where the diamonds are blinding, the women are dressed to the 9's and the men expected to behave like gentlemen. Bottom line what I feel is the joke was not for Oscar night but would be ok in a comedy club where we expect this kind of thing. I am sure that Will Smith felt so bad about his behavior but also felt Chris crossed the line offending his wife and bringing out the worst in him. It's been said on Media that she suffers from alopecia which adds more to this was a joke in bad tastes. Jokes are where we all laugh and no one feels like a target.

I watched some other talk shows the following morning and some insinuated that his behavior stems from his West Philly Roots , That was a bit annoying to me, why should he address his issue with Chris Rock in private when Chris Rock insulted aka made a joke about a woman who has spoke candidly about her dealing with hair loss due to alopecia in public.

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