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Ocean Spirit Animals and their Meaning

Updated: Jul 26, 2022

If you’re heading to the beach this summer, these are some of the spirit animals you may encounter or want to be on the lookout for!


Dolphins are highly intelligent and very playful creatures. They are the symbol of protection and resurrection. But represent: Peace, Harmony, and Balance. Let their playful nature be a reminder to you that everyone should approach life with humor and joy.

Dolphins are complex animals with high levels of intelligence but also are very in tune with their own instincts. They have had many different meanings associated with them throughout history. Including:

  • Protection

  • Peace and Harmony

  • Resurrection

  • Inner Strength

  • Cooperation


Jellyfish are purely instinctive creatures that allow nature to guide their path. With no logic, emotions, heart, or senses, they have adapted incredibly well to life on earth; by being one with nature. If a jellyfish presents itself, it could be a sign that you need to take your life back to only the essentials. Trust and follow your instinct with the belief that nature will correct and guide you along the path. It may be time to abandon the complexities that have held you hostage.

Though a minimalistic creature, jellyfish offer wisdom as they have learned to thrive with only the essentials. These Include:

  • Instinct

  • Simplicity

  • Survival

  • Pain

  • Flow

If you encounter a jellyfish, it may indicate a time to cut back. Reflect on the decisions you have made recently, or unintentional pain you may have inflicted. Allow yourself to continue moving forward without the worry of controlling or overthinking your path.


Turtles have been around far longer than humans, and thus their symbolism has been prevalent throughout history. They are long living wise creatures that stick to their path. Traveling it with determination and serenity. If a turtle presents itself to you, it may be time to take a break within your busy life. Slow things down and take a look around or within for well grounded, longer lasting solutions.

Turtles have a powerful dynamic with nature. Being slow on land but much more agile in the water. Causing them to be associated with the Earth and its symbols. Which include:

  • Patience

  • Determination

  • Slow and Steady

  • Emotionally Wise

  • Persistence

Turtles symbolize a peaceful walk along the path we choose to take in life. If you encounter one, it may be time to slow down and pace yourself. Make sure the next steps you take; you can take with confidence. And decide if the path you’re on you would like to continue, allowing it to assist you in grounding yourself to the decisions you make.

These are just a few you can keep an eye out for when traveling to the beach this summer. But allow yourself movement and allow the path you have chosen to guide you. Don’t overthink every decision.

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