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Is Your Partner Serious About You? Look Out for These Red Flags

From episode: Is This Serious Or Am I Just Wasting Time

let's move into how to determine someone is serious about you. Now as you know, of course, it takes a little time in the beginning to really know, you know, you have to kind of play things by ear for the first month or two. And I believe that in around the third month, you need to start, you know, observing the person's actions, the type of communication, and if there is consistency over time, you know, it can happen that for the first month or two, everything is wonderful, everything is wonderful, a lot of people might call that the honeymoon phase, but it's in the third month that, like I said, you should really start paying attention to this stuff. So does your significant other reach out to you, respond promptly, maintains communication, showing that he values staying connected? That's a good sign. That's a sign that this person is serious about you. You shouldn't be in a situation where you're, you know, you have steady communication for a little while and then suddenly communication is a hit and miss. And if this person is not reaching out to you after sending a message, like waiting till the following couple of days, a day or two, then that's a little bit of a red flag I'd say, you know, sometimes, you know, for an entire day, there can be legitimate excuses, but you do want to be with someone that generally gets back to you in the same day or at very least the following day or following early day the next day. So, you know, if the person doesn't have a good excuse as to why a whole day had passed without them making an attempt to reach out to you, like I said, that is a red flag. And I guess this part goes without saying. The person needs to make an effort to spend time with you, to spend time together, quality time, even if it means adjusting their schedule or making some small sacrifice to spend time with you. Because at the end of the day, you know, all of our lives these days are super busy, bombarded with work or whatever you've got going on in your life. Uh, time is a big thing for all of us nowadays. We don't have much of it for leisure time. So we're, in order to connect with people, yeah, we're going to have to probably not do something in order to be together. So if they're putting in an effort to spend quality time with you, then that means something. Another one, introducing you to people, important people, for example, close friends and family. That's definitely indicating that this person values your presence in their life. You know, anyone after three months, two or three months, if you don't know who the best friend is or met the parents and all of that, if they're not talking about future plans that involve you, that, that's a red flag. So they should be like demonstrating, uh, that they envision a long -term connection with you.

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