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Incorporating Spiritual Baths

Updated: Oct 17, 2022

By now we know that water is cleansing and the embodiment of purity. But what other ways can it be incorporated into your life that can benefit yourself through manifestations or simply achieving balance? Ritual baths. Baths have been used for therapeutic benefits for centuries and can be seen across cultures throughout the world. They have been acclaimed for their natural healing properties. But beyond the obvious physical benefits, baths can allow for a soulful fulfillment and transformations. Aiding you in channeling your creativity and allowing powerful insights or offering the chance to heal from deep psychic pain.


A ritual bath is a bath taken with a spiritual purpose. Maybe you want to cleanse your soul, manifest money into your life, or heal a damaged heart. Ritual baths are useful for these types of intentions among more!

Water is healing, cleansing, renewing, and refreshing, even its own cycle exist solely in the state of renewal. But when we add things to the water, we allow its properties to become enhanced. Among its various attributes water acts as a conduit for spirits and enables us to boost our connections to the universe.


There are allow of different ritual bath methods, depending on you own sensitivities, environment, and interest. But remember that these rituals are customizable so don’t be afraid to mix two together or follow your instinct and let your soul guide you to what it needs.

One element that all ritual baths require is the engaging of at least one of your senses. As you are already submerged naked within water, you may begin to feel connected to your skin. But to deepen those feeling, engaging your senses can support you in achieving your goal.

  • Engaging Scent

    • Aromatherapy can be incredibly powerful tool for self-care. It holds a perfect synergy with ritual baths. Adding scents that provide and strengthen healing or self-love. Add these plants or essential oils directly to your bath water for:

      • Eucalyptus – Cleansing

      • Lavender – Relaxation

      • Neroli – Healing

      • Rose – Self Love.

  • Engaging Sound

    • As we all know acoustics are phenomenal in the shower or bath. Regardless of if you sing or not play some music the inspires relaxation or is able to soothe you. Allow yourself to be engulfed by the feeling of the water and the sounds you have chosen. After 15-30 minutes you may find yourself feeling more rejuvenated than usually.

  • Engaging Touch

    • The most sensual and powerful of all senses can be argued is the sense of touch. Incorporating crystals into the water can ground you and support intentions. Place water safe crystals around the tub or hold them while you soak. Quartz should be your primary type of crystal, as they don’t break down in water.


As we know the moon and water enhance each other. My store has Full and New Moon Ritual Bath Salts, which when used in conjunction with their coordinating lunar cycle can offer great benefits to you! These bath salts can magnify your intentions and results.

As always those who have used ritual baths before to enhance your intentions and manifestations please leave a comment down below, sharing your story. I love to hear the success you all experience when connecting with your spiritual side!

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