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I live life according to my values Dec 2021

Updated: Dec 25, 2021

I live life according to my values. I feel blessed because I decide for myself the values that I believe are important and how I spend my time is reflective of these beliefs. I am thankful for my many opportunities to express my values every day. The words I use and the people I choose to interact with in my personal time show the world my own personal “rules” that I live by. My manners, religion, and the activities I take part in demonstrate the beliefs that matter to me. My actions are infused with my morals and values. As I look at my daily life, I see representations of my internal rules everywhere. I have pride in the fact that my values are strong, clear, and obvious to both others and myself. I demonstrate politeness to others. I think before I speak. I hold my tongue when I believe it is the best thing to do. I follow the “golden rule.” I inform others who are affected when I make a mistake and take immediate action to correct it. It is quite clear to me what my values are. And I make those values clear to others through my daily actions. Today, my life is wonderful because I live it with my values in mind and show my beliefs to others through my daily choices. Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. Are my values clear to me? What are they?

  2. Can others determine what my personal “rules” are simply by observing my daily behaviors and choices?

  3. How important is it to me that I live life according to my values?

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