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Hello Members, let's welcome August with a prayer

Dear God, Thank you for all that you have done for me through the years , I am blessed in so many ways that sometimes I take for granted the many good things I do have.

I pray this month to be protected from darkness in mind, body and spirit. I pray to grow and

evolve with each passing day and to fulfill my life's purpose, I also pray to have true love and give true love with my soulmate always.

I work and pray each day , meditate and manifest joy, practice self love and to love my neighbor and for God to grant me the patience and understanding of those around me as I know that all of us in this world have a cross to bare including myself.

I pray for wisdom and peace of mind for myself and to encourage others and have a positive impact on all those I meet Amen.

This weeks instructions are,

  1. Call someone I have not talked to in awhile just to say hi and ask how they are doing.

  2. some act of kindness for a complete stranger.

  3. I will each day take 30 minutes to breath, think of things that I have in my life that bring me joy and meditate.

  4. I will do something this week just for me and remember what it means to love myself is to be my own best friend and treat myself as well as I have treated and treat others.

  5. I know and will remind myself that to love God and the universe is to love truth, justice, light and all things good for the mind ,body and soul, I know that God is life itself.

Let's do this 10 min manifestation meditation click this link below

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