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Healthy Boundaries a Good Start For 2022 Psychic Christine Wallace

Updated: Jan 17, 2022

Lets talk about bettering our lives for the new year , achieving awareness, setting healthy boundaries and more! change and doing something different this year will give us change. Good actions with the purest of intentions will bring good fortune your way! Welcome to 2022

I've got some editing issues here sorry not a pro but doing my best. I hope this is all very helpful to you. Don't forget if you want to have a reading done contact me for a phone, zoom or in person reading feel free to visit my website for pricing, booking and more information on all my services.

I will be posting daily so make sure you keep coming back and if this does not apply to you maybe your here because someone you know needs to see this so be sure to share. #sharingmeanscaring #psychicvibes #goodvibesonly #grabthebullbythehorns

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