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Doing it Right 1 Day At A Time

Updated: Feb 22, 2022

We will get there. Consider this entire blog section as pocket muse.While you may not be relating to all of it you will walk away with wisdom and inspiration from parts something with each article.

In this session there is a lot to take in, a lot of self examination and observation required but soon enough you will get it. My belief is once a person has full awareness it can be a pretty dramatic experience knowing the truth about everything and everyone is not for the most part what I consider a pleasant experience, it will take time to even heal or recover from that as well but once we are done grieving the misconceptions or the things we thought to be true about ourselves and others it right here this moment in time when a new beginning start to take form and change us for the better and this is also when we bring magic in the lives of others we meet and others notice a significant change in us.

The funny thing about what happens to people when they experience this is this strange sense of calmness and no need to talk a lot, you may find yourself being less vocal or upset about small things that may have bothered you tremendously before and the big stuff you still have the calm but now more clarity and you just do your best confidently knowing this is all you can do. The emotional maturity that comes along with the clearing of bad vibes is very interesting . You may even wonder if who you were was really you and if this is someone you truly are now. CALM.

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