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Benefits of Different Crystals

Updated: Oct 16, 2022

In recent years there have been a surge for those who believe in new age beliefs to bettering oneself. This includes yoga and Tai-chi as a form of exercise. As well as, finding alternatives to medicine such as Reiki. Rebirthing the interest in healing crystals and how to properly take advantage of them. We’ll be going over the many types of crystals to keep your eye open for. And the proper way to use their healing capabilities.

These treasures, provided by our Mother Earth, are born from elemental energies. Able to transmute the energies they capture from the sun, moon, seas, and mountains. Back to us through the process of physical, emotional, or spiritual healing.


With the variety of crystals available it can be intimidating to find one that can aid in specific growth. Which can cause people to feel as though healing crystals aren’t capable of healing despite the proof surrounding them.

The fact of the matter is that they have healing capabilities for the body, mind, and soul. Which was originally theorized and proven by ancient cultures - such as Egyptians, Greeks, and Chinese. Who have demonstrated the healing capabilities withheld inside of crystals.

Crystals offer and are more than healing; they also promote the flow of good energy. Helping you to rid your body and mind of negative energies.

Crystals have helped thousands of people. And due to that, they are constantly used to enhance healing accessories, to being used for rejuvenation through massages and facials.


To assist you in finding the crystal right for you, I’ve compiled a detailed list of some of the most popular crystals, and their benefits. Or book a reading and I can provide you with the crystal to help you achieve your goals. Having a guide can provide a quicker understanding of the crystal and overall activation.

Health Crystals

  • Jasper – Is a stone that provides support and nurturing during times of stress.

  • Bloodstone – Can improve circulation and provide support with blood related issues.

  • Amethyst – Will enhance, heal, and purify ambition and willpower.

  • Obsidian – Believed to assist with processing experiences and the emotions surrounding them. Useful for helping to let go.

  • Clear Quartz – This clear crystal is the master healer. Believed to support the energetic system as a whole

Wealth Crystals

  • Jade – Is a well-known stone for prosperity and luck

  • Citrine – Can spark creativity, enthusiasm, and enhances concentration.

  • Turquoise – Soothes your negative emotions and beckons good luck to attach itself to you.

  • Tiger’s Eye – Will lessen the amount of fear towards situations or phobias. And provide motivation to surpass them.

  • Sapphire – Often associated with royalty. Sapphires are believed to attract blessing and gifts. Offering them to you in abundance.

Love Crystals

  • Ruby – The most romantic gemstone of all. Rubies stand alone, over other gems, with their strength of love, sexuality, and passion.

  • Moon Stone – Enact feelings of inner strength and growth. The moonstone supports new beginnings. Making it useful for its support in fertility and renewal.

  • Rose Quartz – Is considered the stone of love. It boosts feelings of self-love, allowing for the growth to accept and open oneself to unconditional love.

Crystals come from the earth and have powerful chakra that align with them. Once they are used by beings that can use those chakras, anything is possible. If you feel stuck or alone, try healing crystals. They can provide the energy or encouragement we all require but may not have. If you have any success with stories, I implore you to share in the comments. It can help others who need their healing capabilities that are skeptical.

If you need help finding the crystal right for this point in your life, book an appointment. I will guide you through every step of activating and using crystals, for my goal of helping the world achieve balance.

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